About Xpert Search

Xpert Search (Etsi Xpertti in finnish) has been operating since 2005, providing reporters with contacts among experts on the subject at hand.

The Xpert search media service has been developed by the Academy of Finland and all universities and nearly all research institutes in Finland. It’s run by the Academy in collaboration with the other member institutions. Have a look at the partners in the partners section.

Xpert Search is the fastest way between a journalist and a source within the research community. Via Xpert Search you get contact information to researchers within chosen time limits.

Press and information officers at all universities and most research institutes stand ready to channel daily questions from journalists looking for the right expert to interview.

Data protection notice for Xpert Search 2020.

Communications Specialist Leena Vähäkylä
Acting Project Manager of Xpert Search
Academy of Finland
+358 29 533 5056
e-mail: etsi.xpertti@aka.fi