The over 200-year old national Land Survey of Finland does various kinds of land surveying like parcelling and reallocations of pieces of land, produces map data material and promotes the joint use thereof.

The National Land Survey of Finland safeguards the land ownership and credit granting system by maintaining information about mortgages and registrations of title to property as well as other property information in its registers. Other central tasks of the National Land Survey of Finland are spatial data research and application as well as data and information system development.

The National Land Survey of Finland has offices in 37 localities across Finland, from Mariehamn to Ivalo. The number of employees totals approximately 1,760. The organisation consists of a central administration and four operations units, which are Production, General Administration, Centre for ICT Services and Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI).



Head of public authority (President / Vice-Chancellor / CEO / DG):

Jarkko Koskinen


Press contact


Jade Lehtinen


Cell phone:

050 320 4555