The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is Finland’s national geoscience agency. As the key government agency involved in the mineral resources sector, GTK is also active in promoting mineral exploration and mining in Finland. GTK’s core activities range from geological mapping, through exploration, evaluation, and processing of natural resources, with a strong research effort in analysis of geological processes and mineral systems as well as in development and application of exploration and benefication technologies. GTK’S vision is to evolve into a European centre of excellence for natural resources and their sustainable use and to consolidate its role as the national geoinformation centre. GTK maintains a careful balance of resources between its primary responsibilities for public domain mapping and geodata management, technological and conceptual research and development, and provision of commercial services to both public and private sector clients. GTK´s services are to a large extent based on methodologies and technical solutions developed and tested in house before being adapted to commercial projects. GTK is currently contributing to some twenty R&D projects within the European Commission and various other science and technology projects in different fields of earth sciences.


PL 96, 02151 ESPOO


029 503 0000

Head of public authority (President / Vice-Chancellor / CEO / DG):

Elias Ekdahl


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Marie-Louise Wiklund, viestintäjohtaja


Puh. 029 503 2544

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